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The Morgan® Lens

The Morgan Lens is the most effective method for treating ocular trauma. It is widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation. In seconds, the eye can be receiving the lavage necessary to treat chemical and thermal burns or to remove nonembedded foreign materials in the eye. The Morgan Lens is designed to be attached to the Morgan Lens Delivery Set (or a standard IV setup) and an irrigation solution of choice.

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Mortan Inc.
Manuf #MT202
Morgan Lens Delivery Set
$12.15 ea
Mortan Inc.
Manuf #MT2000
Morgan® medi-FLOW Lens
$42.50 ea

The Morgan Lens Delivery Set consists of a specialized IV delivery set which can be attached to two Morgan Lenses, conveniently providing simultaneous irrigation of both eyes. Use of the Morgan Lens Delivery Set saves time and money, since you do not need to use two separate IV setups. The rate of flow may be controlled, and irrigation to just one eye is possible since the necessary clamps are included.