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SSCOR QUICKDRAW #2403 Handheld Aspirator

At less than three pounds, the SSCOR Quickdraw is more efficient than the most powerful traditional suction units.

  • Compact and light enough to fit in an airway bag and be readily transported to the patient’s side on every call.
  • Since there is no need to manually pump the unit, it is easier to control the catheter tip and clear the airway.
  • The short, wide fluid path enables Quickdraw to evacuate thick chunky fluids more quickly.
  • Includes a handle, canister, alkaline battery, ‘AAA’ battery holder and a DC power cord.

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Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2403
Quickdraw Unit #2403
$522.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80613-100
Replacement Alkaline Battery Pack
$28.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80615-100
Replacement AAA Battery Holder
$39.20 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2480-20
Replacement single-use canister
$19.80 ea
$396.00 cs-20
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2488-20
Replacement Canister with barbed suction tip
$18.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2483-15
Replacement Canister with Suction Tubing
$21.00 ea
$315.00 cs-15
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2482-20
Training Canister
$28.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2480-36
Hi-D® suction tip with 3’ tube
$4.40 ea
$44.00 cs-10
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #10077
Optional Carry Case, Small
$39.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #10076
Optional Carry Case, Large
$54.00 ea

The Quickdraw #2403 utilizes a disposable alkaline battery pack in place of the rechargeable sealed lead acid battery in the original Quickdraw (#2400).

Alkaline batteries have a very long shelf life, and a very long run time. They will run the unit for 3 hours, and hold their charge on the shelf for 2 years enabling the Quickdraw #2403 to be in a bag or in storage for extended periods without constant charge or battery rotation. The disposable pack is inexpensive and when depleted is discarded and replaced. The low cost makes it feasible to carry a spare battery. In addition, the #2403 SSCOR Quickdraw includes an ‘AAA’ battery holder which accepts standard off the shelf ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries. When filled with 10 user supplied ‘AAA’ batteries the unit will run for approximately one hour.