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Philips Lumify Portable Ultrasound

With Lumify, high-quality portable ultrasound is available almost anywhere. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed.

  • The portable ultrasound transducers and app help you make fast, informed decisions.
  • Lumify is compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems and can be made to comply with enterprise data security policies.
  • Lumify works with your compatible smart device, giving you an incredible ultrasound system on top of the device's full functionality.

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Philips Healthcare
Manuf #FUS6882
Lumify L12-4 Broadband Linear Array
$10,910.00 ea
Philips Healthcare
Manuf #FUS6884
Lumify S4-1 Broadband Sector Array
$10,910.00 ea
  • The Lumify app enhances imaging to help confidently and quickly assess acute care patients for emergency medicine and critical care ultrasound. Advanced imaging algorithms automatically adjust, creating an exceptional image. Fine-tune scans by adjusting depth, gain, power, and color through a simple and intuitive multi-touch interface.
  • Stay current with automatic app updates, which include rollout of new features as soon as they're developed.
  • Connect easily to patient PACS, or share images, video, and notes with colleagues from your handheld ultrasound device via email or a shared network.


S4-1 Broadband Sector Array

  • 4 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range
  • 2D, color Doppler, M-mode, advanced XRES and multivariate harmonic imaging
  • High resolution imaging for abdominal and cardiac applications: Cardiac, OB/GYN, Lung, Abdomen and FAST imaging preset optimizations
  • Center line marker
  • USB-C transducer with replaceable cable


L12-4 Broadband Linear Array

  • 12 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range
  • Aperture size: 34mm
  • 2D, steerable color Doppler, M-mode, advanced XRES and multivariate harmonic imaging, SonoCT
  • High resolution imaging for shallow applications: Soft Tissue, Vascular, Superficial, Musculoskeletal, and Lung
  • Center line marker
  • USB-C transducer with replaceable cable


*Apple does not support Lumify at this time, but Philips is always exploring opportunities to expand support for all platforms.