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Cuff-Guard® BP Cuff Covers (pk of 20)

Cuff-Guard® is a protective, disposable, latex-free cover made specifically as an effective, low cost solution to blood pressure cuff contamination. Each Cuff-Guard® is made from a soft, white spun plastic with an inner impervious plastic coating. This material made by Tyvex® provides a safe bacterial barrier and is 100% latex free. Designed to be easily used - it attaches to any cuff in less than 30 seconds and does not require any disassembly of your apparatus.

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Bowen Medical
Manuf #ADT-5
Adult Size (pack of 20)
$15.00 pk

How to use Cuff-Guard®?


STEP 1: Place cover with velcro and label side up on a flat surface. Place blood pressure cuff inside the Cuff-Guard® cover (like placing a letter into an envelope). The BP cuff tubing needs to exit on the RIGHT side.


STEP 2: Remove the liner on the bottom edge of the cover to expose the two sided tape. Seal the cover over the cuff by pressing the top and bottom edges together. The tape will seal around the existing cuff tubing.


STEP 3: Place the artery here location in the appropriate position. Wrap the protected BP cuff around the arm and secure with the velcro tab.